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Naxal violence is unacceptable, says Home Minister
  | Thursday, October 15, 2009
Union Home Minister P Chidambaram has said that there is no evidence that foreign countries are aiding Naxals. They are able to raise money from within the country by looting banks and kidnapping, he said. Addressing a press conference in Mumbai, the home minister said that as long as Naxals do not give up violence, security forces will confront them. "There will be engagements; there will be confrontation with Naxals," he said. On the question of the Indian Air Force's involvement in tackling Naxal terror, he said the IAF would take adequate counter-measures. He further said, "I have made my position clear. Naxalites believe in armed struggle and use words like war. We do not regard this confrontation with them as war, we are a civilised country. We will help state governments to discuss with CPM all issues including neglect, corruption and development. But violence is simply unacceptable in a democracy, and a Republic. As long as the Maoists believe in armed liberation, we have no choice but to ask security forces to engage them." "Naxal problem has grown over last 10-12 years. We are now confronting Naxals and will not allow them to expand their area of influence. Naxalites are indulging in violence. All I want to say is that we abjure violence. They must shun violence if they claim to represent tribals and poor, the government also claims to represent tribals and poor and we can work together," he added. On the reports of Taliban men being pushed into Kashmir, Chidambaram said these were speculative reports. "Our security forces are vigilant. Will take all steps to check infiltration," he said. However, he also said that there were terror groups across the border and they were targeting India. "Our capacity to deal with terrorism, terrorist threats is getting better by the day. If there is a terror attack, our response will be swift," he added. On the issue of the 26/11 report, he said, "I have been briefed on that 26/11 report and am fully aware of the entire sequence, every step of events. Panel was focusing on practical aspect of policing. Nothing in the report is explosive. Report will be made public at an appropriate time." The Union minister also denied that any leader in Maharashtra was on the hit list of terrorists. He said there was no specific threat, but adequate security was being provided and that will continue.
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