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Ghaziabad Changing Room Incident Shines Spotlight On Video Voyeurism
  | Thursday, October 15, 2009
The arrest of famous store room owner at Ghaziabad for allegedly planting secret camera to make clippings of the female customer while using the trial room has shown adverse impact upon our concept of privacy. The peeping cameras are becoming technologically advanced, tiny and easily available at cheaper prices. They can be planted secretly with ease and its pervasive application has contributed to the growing fascination for younger generation obsession with voyeurism. The Ghaziabad incident is not an unprecedented act and various newspapers have reported similar incidents of surreptitiously concealed peeping toms prying into locker rooms, changing rooms of malls, swimming pools in prurient attempts to film unsuspecting victims while in various state of undress.  The said newspaper reports are alarming being a very invasive and intimidating crime which also poses a fundamental challenge to individual privacy.

What is Video Voyeurism? 

A new phenomenon of video voyeurism also known as “cyber peeping” has emerged in recent times where images of private area of subject mostly females are captured without her knowledge and then transmitted widely without her consent thus violating privacy rights. Video Voyeurism is the act of secretly or discreetly photographing certain parts of the body mostly unclothed without the person’s consent. Video voyeurism typically refers to “up-skirt” or “down-blouse” images taken of women without their consent. We have seen the rise in the cases of video voyeurism, where the victims have been clicked without ever knowing that they have been clicked revealing their private parts. The phenomenal growth of the internet and its user, mostly of the younger age has given rise to this “up-skirt and down-blouse photography” which one can view easily at host of video voyeurism websites. The voyeurs who are psychopath to satisfy their lust see surreptitious video surveillance as a form of high-tech hunting and take pride in showcasing their talent in various video voyeurism Web sites which has mushroomed at the World Wide Web and mostly go free taking shelter under the current gap in the law. The Acts of video voyeurism are not only an invasion of a person’s privacy, but are also a serious threat to the liberties of a free society as we know and also against our high moral & cultural values or ethos. These criminal activities undermine the most basic levels of privacy to which every citizen is entitled.
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