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Legal fraternity demands ban on Japanese ‘rape game’

The legal fraternity has demanded ban on Japanese “Rape Game” that has been said to invade Indian markets. The “Rapelay” game was said to be created exclusively for the Japanese market in which the game players earn points for acts of sexual violence, including following girls on commuter trains, raping virgins and their mothers, and then forcing them to have abortions.  There has been strong protest by the legal fraternity and the activists to ban this type of video games which pollute the mind of younger generations particularly kids who are more obsessed with the video games. “The violent games have been known to induce real life violence, why wouldn't rape games have the same effect? This rape games cater to those guys with Rape fantasies/fetish and further encourage them to commit actual rape. This type of ‘sexual torture game’ should be banned immediately” says the Cyber law expert & Advocate, Mr. Neeraj Aarora. The law enforcement agencies should take some serious steps to ban the game as the three-dimensional pornographic game Rapelay, created by Japanese firm Illusion can be downloaded from websites hosted abroad, further the pirated Compact Discs of the game are also easily available in the grey market.  As for the legal side, the police can take action against the culprits u/s 67& 67-A of the Information Technology Amendment Act, 2008. If there is child porn in animation and computer graphics in the game Rapelay, then Section 67-B which deals with child pornography is also attracted. The aforesaid provisions inserted by recently enforced Information Technology Amendment Act, 2008 are sufficient and it is for the law enforcement agencies to take immediate steps to strictly enforce the law meant to curb the electronic transmission of pornographic material.
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