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Hunting for latest sensational news/video footage may infect your computer

The Internet is the world's fastest growing means of telecommunications and vital source of latest news. The hackers have devised a new Modus operandi to hack the computers or spread the malicious spam. When latest sensational news comes up, the net enthusiast public hangs on their computer and start googling for the latest video clipping or news report. The hackers have been quick to exploit the interest in the sensational news and set up web pages that claim to contain a video related to the incident, but instead infect visitors' machines with malware. The cybercriminals ensure that malicious web pages claiming to contain the hot news appeared high up in search engine results by exploiting the interest generated in the hot news. When the visitors click the poisoned webpages, they risk a malicious Trojan horse known as Troj/Proxy-JN being installed on their computers, allowing hackers to relay spam via the victim's PC without their knowledge. The hackers have recently exploited the news of Golfer Tiger Woods Tiger Woods' car accident. The hackers had set up web pages that claimed to contain a video related to the incident, but that was a trap and when the visitors clicked on the said web pages it infected their machines with malware. This MO adopted by the hackers can pose serious security threats to the computers around the globe as most people are very enthusiastic about the latest sensational news and want to catch it hot at the internet.
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