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Draft rule under Section 6A IT Act- A move towards PPP in delivery of e-governance services

Section 6A inserted by the Information Technology Amendment Act, 2008 provides for the host of E-commerce services such as collecting taxes, issuing various government licenses or issuing birth certificates etc. The section introduces a new beginning in the public private partnership (PPP) in the delivery of e-governance services. Under this section private agency, private company, partnership firm, sole proprietor firm or any such other body or agency which has been granted permission by the appropriate Government to offer services through electronic means may be authorized by way of notification in the official gazette. In furtherance of the PPP in E-Governance services the DIT has put up in its website ( the draft of the Information Technology (Electronic Service Delivery) Rules, 2009 which provides for the manner in which the authorized service provider may collect, retain and appropriate service charges for the purpose of providing such services, from the person availing such service. The rules lay down standards and procedures (for e-governance transactions). The aforesaid rule gives the state government to adopt the said rules or alternatively, notify their own Rules under section 90 of the Information Technology Act, 2000 to allow government transactions through private partners; for example; issuing and managing digital signatures for transacting online or through mobile phones, and storing the records for regulatory purposes. The customers would be in a win-win position as the services hitherto provided by the government would be hassle free through the private service provider.
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