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Yahoo Dragged into Cyber War between Google and China
Yahoo was dragged into the growing international cyber-war between Google and the Chinese government, after it declared its support of the U.S.-based search giant. Google threatened to pull out of China due to mounting cyber attacks believed to be masterminded by the Chinese government. Now several other U.S. companies are also believed to have been victims of a similar attack, including Yahoo. Yahoo knew it had been a target of complicated Chinese cyber attacks on U.S. firms before Google alerted the company to them, but remained silent while its bigger rival went public. Yahoo's Chinese partner, e-commerce firm Alibaba Group, in which it owns a 40 percent stake, nevertheless called "careless" Yahoo's comment last week that it stood aligned with Google's positions. As Google prepares itself for a possible withdrawal from Chinese cyberspace, citing "malicious cyber activities" against its systems, how worried should we be about China's capacity for cyberwarfare? Despite its "don't be evil" motto, Google's decision is unlikely to have been much influenced by ethical concerns, or it should not have entered into a censorship agreement in 2006 as a precondition for operations in China. Its request on behalf of human rights activists sounds somewhat hollow after years of barring search access to "Falun Gong" and "free Tibet".
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