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I-T department system hacked, Rs 14 cr siphoned by hackers
In a major security lapse, suspected hackers have broken into the income tax departmentís computer system and siphoned off Rs. 14 crore. The money was transferred as refunds through the departmentís electronic clearing system (ECS) into various bank account across the city. The theft took place through December but came to light only on January 14. Sources revealed that the ECS of the I-T department, which facilitates tax refunds of Mumbaikars has been hacked into. It is believed, the hacker also managed to divert crores of rupees from the system. Following this incident, the entire system that processes income tax payment has been shut down since Monday. To prevent further damage, the department has now changed the passwords of all the senior officers with access to the ECS. The matter has been transferred to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). As per procedure, once assesses file the returns, the same are fed into the departmentís system. The ECS processes the return and calculate if more tax is to be demanded or refund is to be given to the assesses. If refund is generated in a case, the system automatically gives instruction to I-Tís bank to transfer the particular amount (of refund) to assesseeís account.
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