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Recommendations on cybercrime issued by OAS working group
The cyber criminality is rising with the tide of new computers getting connected to the Internet. Many of the stories intercepted in this category fall under the ‘you wouldn’t believe it’ label. The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Jos Miguel Insulza, today spoke at the inauguration of a two-day Inter-American meeting on cybercrime in which authorities and experts throughout the continent are to evaluate the progress reached in the fight against cybercrime, define new initiatives of cooperation and formulate recommendations on future actions. The Working Group met on January 21 and 22 at OAS headquarters in Washington, DC. Its recommendations seek to:

•    Establish cybercrime-specialized law enforcement units in countries of the Americas that do not yet have them;
•    Take further legislative steps to define cybercrime and how to prosecute it;
•    To consolidate cybercrime-fighting networks in the Americas to facilitate cooperation between governments;

The recommendations of the REMJA Working Group on Cybercrime during the last few years have led to regional training workshops for policy development and other tools for the investigation and prosecution of cybercrimes; an Internet portal to facilitate the exchange of information exclusively between national authorities; and cooperation initiatives with other international organizations such as the Council of Europe to strengthen collective action in this field.
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