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Accused arrested in Child Pornography
A man has been found in the possession & promotion of child pornography which was recovered from his two computers and other digital media by the investigators who later on charged him for the offence of possessing & promoting child pornographic material. Charles Aaron Paulk, 23, was arrested by officers with the Attorney General’s CyberCrime Unit with assistance from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. The investigators nabbed Charles when during the undercover investigations, they found multiple images of child pornography and traced them back to Charle’s computer. The seized computers were analyzed which revealed that some of the images on the computer were of children appearing to be no more than two years old and who were being forced to engage in sexual activity with adults. It would be pertinent to mention here that the investigators around the world particularly in USA, catch the illegal activity pertaining to the browsing, downloading of child pornography on internet by using a tool that can detect searches which use specific keywords like those associated with child pornography.
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