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Cybercrime: The hackers training camp closed by China Police
The hacker attack on an Internet cafe in Hubei Province in China has led to the discovery and dismantling of an online hacker training camp accused of providing malicious software and lessons in hacker technique to tens of thousands of Chinese users. The site, called Black Hawk Safety Net, has been shut down and three people have been arrested, but as with many stories coming out of the People's Republic these days, it's difficult to tell exactly what's what. Chinese state media reports that Black Hawk collected some $1 million from 12,000 paying subscribers in exchange for lessons in hacking techniques and Trojan software that can be used to illegally hijack computers over the Web. Another 170,000 people had signed up for free memberships to the site at the time of its argument with the law, during which several servers and computers as well as $250,000 in assets were seized. The Government of the Chinese province of Hubei caught Black Hawk Safety Net (the biggest hackers) in China for training. Through the site were openly recruited members and was taught in the making of Trojan horses since its founding in 2005 and the movement gained almost 200,000 registered members. Google wasn’t the lone victim in that assault, which also hit at least 20 other companies. But it was by far the biggest player with the most muscle. Seems that flexing that muscle had at least a small impact. Nobody seems to know if the lawlessness surrounding China’s Web activities is the result of independent criminals or if there’s any state or military involvement in the schemes.  The arrests are not currently linked to the hack-attack on Google and other major U.S. companies.
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